Welcome to our Refurbed Cattery !

We have 18 cat pens that are a roomy 16ft x 3ft in size and nice and airy .

All our catteries are Penthouse style with bedding area & extra shelving .

We have 3 large family pens   (see below)

We feed mainly Whiskas or Felix wet pouches and Go cat or whiskas biscuit. Or you can bring your own cat food if you wish. 

Each shelf has a heated pad for the winter months included in the price of £8.50 per day.

2 cats sharing is £15 per day.

We require  a current vaccination certificate of Cat Flu and Feline Enteritis.

We provide scratch poles, dishes,

cat litter & trays. All penthouses have additional ladders & shelving.

Double Penthouse Cattery

Single Penthouse Style catteries