Phil Naylor bought his first yorkie back in 1969

called Daisy May. Phil decided Daisy would make a great Mum and gave him his 1st Champion Brave Warrior of Naylenor in 1971 Greg (pet name) is pictured to the right.





There was no stopping Phil

by 1975 he made 3 more Champions

Blue Monarch

Regal Warrior

Battle cry who then became also a Japanese





In 1979 Phil could see outstanding quality in one of his girl pups and knew she was special.

Champion Magic Moment was born ,She became The Top Female yorkie in Britain.




Followed on by Magic's son

CH.Naylenor Crown Jewel


and his son 


CH.Naylenor Jewel in the Crown










Pictured CH.Naylenor Magic Moment

(what a beauty)